Dental Filling Treatment

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Dental Filling Treatment

Dental filling treatment is the process of restoring damaged, broken or cracked teeth with various supplies and materials. The purpose of this treatment; It enables teeth that have lost material to perform their functions. This method is of great value because it is applied before the decayed tissue develops further. Thus, tooth loss can be completely prevented. Answers to frequently asked questions about when and for whom dental fillings are made.It is applied to persons who have decayed, broken or damaged teeth due to any reason. The deformed teeth are treated restored to their former appearance and functions. It is applied to teeth that have lost substance due to some reasons, lost their chewing function, are not aesthetically pleasing, broken, cracked or decayed as a result of a trauma.

How are dental fillings done?

The first step in dental filling is to make the remaining tooth tissue ready for filling. At this stage, the caries must be cleaned first. If there is another old filling that has been made before and needs to be removed, the tooth tissue must be cleaned of this filling. After that, the second step will be to choose a material suitable for the position of the tooth in the mouth, its function, aesthetic requirements, and the size of the filling. The cavity is filled with the appropriate material selected. During these procedures, local anesthesia can be applied so that the patient does not feel pain. As a final step, the compatibility of the filling with other teeth must be controlled. If there is an excess that will bother the patient, it should be removed.

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