Protective and Preventive Dentistry

Protective and Preventive Dentistry

Protective and Preventive Dentistry is fundamental in dentistry as in all health services. The main goal is to maintain healthy teeth and prevent problems that may occur over time. However, if there are problems, the existing problems are treated and the success of the treatment is maintained. Everyone should have check-ups at the dentist every 6 months. The purpose of these check-ups is to prevent serious problems that may occur early. For example; When a dental cavity is detected in tooth interface of an adult patient, this problem can be solved with a small single-sided filling. If treatment is delayed, this may lead to extraction of the decayed tooth. Even if there is no extraction, the situation may lead to root canal treatment which is also a painful procedure. Early detection and treatment is important to maintain oral health.

Before the protective and preventive dentistry applications, oral health should be improved firstly. Conditions that negatively affect oral health and hygiene should be eliminated and treated. The procedures are completed by the dentist and then the treatment is entrusted to the patient.

  • Fissur Sealent Practices
  • Fissur Sealant Protector
  • Fluoride Varnish  Application
  • Dental caries and plaque detectors
  • Caries risk assessment

Practices such as monitoring teeth grinding (hard and soft occlusal splints) are among the practices that are at the forefront in the field of preventive medicine. In addition, when long-term cavities or joint problems that may occur in crooked teeth; Orthodontic treatment can be considered a preventive measure.

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