Dental Prosthesis

Dental Prosthesis

Dental Prosthesis are teeth that replace lost teeth and are produced specifically for the individual. They are produced according to the needs and requirements of the patient. Produced Dental Prosthesis should fit the patient’s mouth perfectly, look natural, and be easy to use. Dental prosthesis can replace a few missing teeth, all teeth or for the entire jaw as well. However, the important thing is to protect the remaining natural teeth in the patient’s mouth. The dental prosthesis should be produced in a way that it is most compatible with the patient’s bone color. In this way, the patient’s mouth has a completely natural appearance. The primary purpose of a dental prosthesis application is to restore the chewing function that the patient has lost.With the restoration of chewing function, the patient’s quality of life also increases.There are two types of dental prosthesis : fixed and removable.

Permanent Dentures

Dental Prosthesis; consist of 2 types, fixed and removable dentures.The application called fixed prosthesis, that is, permanent prosthetic teeth, is the method applied for teeth that are missing or have suffered excessive material loss. The missing tooth is replaced by placing materials similar to the consistency and color of the tooth. It is the most preferred prosthesis application. Natural appearance is very important. It is a completely healthy method. Fixed dental prostheses must match the texture and most importantly the color of the teeth in the mouth.

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