Health Tourism

Health Tourism

Our consultant team asks our patients, who contact us from abroad, to share with us their intraoral x-ray, if any, or their intraoral photos, if not, first of all. Our Consultant Team informs our patients about the whole process about the treatment to be applied as a result of the evaluations of our Specialist Doctors, and creates the most appropriate time planning for our patient and creates our appointment with them.

Dental Treatment Fees for Foreign Patients

We inform our patient about the treatment budget to be applied after our patient shares the intraoral photos and the intraoral dental x-ray with us. Our support team solves all your problems and needs as soon as possible and makes treatment planning with the approval of our patient.

Implant Dental Treatment in Istanbul

Our Patients Coming from Abroad for Implant Treatment

In implant treatment of our patients, who come from abroad for implant treatment, a temporary dental prosthesis can be placed in the aesthetic areas immediately by our Maxillofacial Surgery Doctors if the resistance taken from the bone is sufficient. However, this should be done for aesthetic purposes only, and any force should not be used on the implant.
The application of the implants is completed within the same day. Temporary prostheses are applied by the prosthesis specialist within 48 hours. Our patient can return to his/her country after the prosthesis is applied.

Our Patients Coming from Abroad for Implant Treatment

The adaptation period of implants to the bone takes an average of 3 to 4 months. During this process, our consultant team contacts our patient for the placement of permanent prostheses at the end of the adaptation process of the implant, and the necessary organization is made.

A tailormade smile design planning and aesthetic modeling is made for the patient in digital environment. The result is shared with our patient by taking its photos. And what kind of smile our patient will have is presented to him/her. The treatment is completed within an average of 6 days.
The following procedures are applied to the patients whose Smile Design is designed.

• Gingivectomy (Gum Aesthetics)
• Bleaching (Teeth Whitening)
• Porcelain Laminated
• E-max Veneers
• Zirconia Veneers

Transfer of Our Patients Coming from Abroad for Dental Treatment:

Our clinic is located in the Nişantaşı district of Istanbul, and you can reach Istanbul from many countries by regular direct flights. Our team of experts researches the most suitable flights for you, organizes the most suitable time for you, and informs the patients via e-mail.
We provide you a list of hotels located the nearest to our clinic. We provide all the transportation from the airport to your hotel and to our clinic.
We share with you the routes through which you can discover Istanbul during your treatment process. Our objective is for you to have a pleasant Istanbul Trip during your treatment process. A charming city awaits you during your treatment.
You can renew your smile with our doctor staff who does the best of their job, with affordable budgets at 1/3 of the price in Europe approximately.

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